We're a small Austrian Indie team creating an original Real-Time Strategy game!
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Bio Colonies

Colonization and Battle at Microscopic Levels

Bio Colonies is a real-time strategy game about systematic base-building and futuristic warfare inside the human body.

Players take control of their own customizable virus to fight against AIs in the campaign or other players worldwide.

Follow the development of the game and get alpha-access!

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About Us

We are

A small team of independent game developers from Austria who finished secondary technical college and are currently working part-time on creating a great and innovative RTS game.

We love to play games in our free time as well! Developing games for the Desktop is all about quality and the best way to learn about how to do that is by playing other games. To see what works, and what doesn't. Most of our experience is from self-learning. We think that expertise is gained best by actually doing it.

Coding is also something we do with passion. We're doing a lot of small (and unfinished) projects in our free time. Most of us are using C# and JavaScript for quite a while now.

Our logo represents Bit, our adorable dragon, resting on a stack of code. A reference to the well-known StackOverflowException. The shapes' lines are all over the place and not neatly aligned, just like most processes in Game Development. It's not like sitting at a desk 24/7, but rather a creative process with a wide range of activities, which change all the time.

From July 2018 to March 2019, we've been working full-time on Bio Colonies thanks to a funding project of the KWF, a public funding institute in Carinthia, and advised by the build! Accelerator. Currently, we're developing Bio Colonies part-time.

The Team – Who We Are!
Caverntwo Markus Kräuter
Project Manager Game/Core/Web Developer Web Developer
I didn't play a lot in my childhood – I have not even finished a single game before the age of 13!
In my freetime I do a variety of stuff, from 3d-printing to learning languages.
I'm the one that has the clear plan of what has to be done: Gameplay development, coding, smashing bugs, fixing this website, and keeping the project up are just some of my tasks.
Favorite Games:
Factorio, Minecraft, Bio Colonies (hopefully)
Lunasixx (anonymous)
  Sound/Music Freelancer  
I'm interested in making music since day one.
Some of my favorite genres to create are techno and game soundtracks.
Other than that, I'm a really enthusiastic programmer in the early years of my career.
My most favorite game series was and will ever be The Legend of Zelda!
Favorite Game Series:
The Legend of Zelda
Past Team Members
Zeknir Florian Marx
He's always been fascinated by games and already worked on some smaller projects before Bio Colonies. The initial idea of Bio Colonies was also from him. He was our creative director and artist and brought a lot of coding experience.
Worked with us until May 2019.
Traincraft Matthias Trinkl
He's always been a passionated gamer and likes strategy games in general. He supported Bio Colonies from the beginning on and worked on developing some important systems. Furthermore, he was responsible for everything marketing related.
Worked with us until October 2019.
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